Read What Our Participants Have to Say About The St Andrews Golf Week

We four members joined had a wonderful time all through your 5 days golf plays and party and dinner receptions. We all feel your receptions and entertainments arranged were marvellous and thoughtful which will remain our memories forever. My colleagues express thanks to your arrangements and reception by all your staff and vehicles transportation and parties, last gala entertainments. Those were all amazing to them and cannot be experienced in Japan. I will tell to my friends that the St Andrews Golf Week is a fantastic event, well organized and worthwhile to participate in. I thank you for your kindness all thorough this event and appreciated this event will remain my memory forever.

MOTOAKI MIKI, JAPAN St Andrews Golf Week | Participant 2019

I just got around settling back in after my trip back from St Andrews. First off, I have to thank you both and the entire team at Links Golf for last week’s unique experience, I was fortunate enough in my life so far to have travelled the World and got the chance to visit some of the most charming places on Earth, but what I was not expecting is to find myself at the end of last week so enthralled with what St Andrews had to offer, moreover, the service and hospitality from each and every member of your team starting with you Sarah, then Ross and Jamie and on and on to you Mark was simply outstanding and will be so ever engraved in my memory for life. As you well know, my wife and my Kids offered me this trip as my 50th Birthday present, and my travel time from Lebanon took me around 12 hours all in all, but it was worth every second of it. I can confidently say that it has been the most wonderful and enjoyable holiday I have had so far, both location and service wise. I am not joking when I say that I literally was lucky enough in my lifetime to have gone to Heaven for that one week, to me that’s simply how it felt after my one week at Links Golf at St Andrews. Your team made me feel so welcome and immediately I felt as part of the family. Furthermore, you made sure that everything was so meticulously written down to the very small detail from day one and in the most professional manner (folders on arrival, detailed itinerary, etc.) and most of all you were so generous with all the extra perks that you made sure everyone received before every day’s Tee-off times, and the icing on the cake was our last traditional Scottish dinner you guys organized along with the band that played the Bagpipe instruments which was a first for me, I simply loved that extra surprise! I am so looking forward to experiencing this again and hopefully will return for sure. A very big thank you both and please convey my warmest regards and appreciation to the entire Links Golf team. A “Very” happy Golfer.

KARIM DERNAIKA, LEBANON St Andrews Golf Week | Participant 2019

Steve and I want to thank Mark, Sarah and the Links Golf crew for another absolutely unforgettable experience. This was our second time attending the event and can’t wait to come back again. On a scale of 1 to 10, Golf Week is an 11+. Its a first class international event. Everything is taken care of for you. From the organized events (Jigger Inn night is so much fun), to tee times and transporting us to/from the courses. If you are looking for a “once in a lifetime” trip to St Andrews, Golf Week is for you.

LISA BUHLINGER, USA St Andrews Golf Week | Participant 2017 & 2018

We had an incredible time and I’ve told many people about golf week. The pictures that your professional photographers took we’re great and a lot of fun to see at the awards dinner.

TIM STORER, USA St Andrews Golf Week | Participant 2019

Also on behalf of Ben I would like to thank you for taking care of us so well last week. Your organisation was flawless and everyday smiling faces from your staff impressive! Finally the weather made the week unforgettable. Keep going on with the good work! All the best.

JEF TELLINGS, THE NETHERLANDS St Andrews Golf Week | Participant 2019

I am sitting in Edinburgh airport and reflecting on the last 17 days and cannot thank the Links Golf organization enough for a wonderful vacation. Specific thanks to Sarah’s coordinations in her precise tactical management of all tenets, seamless in every aspect was always brilliant. Ross’ morning greeting and final ride to the Waldorf was always friendly and welcoming. And Kenny, Scott, Jaime, Cameron and Aimee were spectacular every time I got into the van it was pleasant regardless of weather or playing poor or anything else…I appreciated a warm greeting and friendly smile every time. I never had to look for anything or even think about agendas my entire time in Scotland because you literally took care of it all from my arrival to departure no matter how many changes were requested-it was always as if it was anticipated in advance and already tended to. Not having to worry is a feature which can’t be underrated. I feel as if I’ve made friends here which will pass through a lifetime. The golf instruction was stellar as well. Between James and Jaime there were pearls of priceless wisdom imparted upon my golf game. Mark, I can’t thank you and your company sufficiently and look forward to my next adventure through you in the UK. It was so much more than just a golf excursion. I’ve made friends from other countries and have an experience centered around golf I and Katherine shall never forget. This has been a dream memory added to my life. Thank you all sincerely, until next time.

MANFRED TIEDEMANN, USA St Andrews Golf Week | Participant 2018 & 2019

Yoshinori and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart. Those 7 days were one of the most exciting days in our life. Before leaving Japan, we were so nervous and anxious about going to St. Andrews. However, once we arrived there, you and your people were so kind and nice, and we could fully enjoy staying with you. We are really looking forward to joining your Golf Week again in the near future. Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality.

NAOKO & YOSHINORI TOKUNAGA, JAPAN St Andrews Golf Week | Participants 2019

St Andrews Golf Week

I really want to thank you and the entire team again for an amazing trip. Felt like I am part of a golf family and your team made me feel at home and you guys just made every moment special. Thanks a lot.

CHARL BOTES, SOUTH AFRICA St Andrews Golf Week | Participant 2019